Andy Codes Hey, I'm Andy and I'm an Information Security Professional. I focus mainly on offensive security, red team operations and adversary simulations, security research and exploit development.

This page is a collection of topics I've studied and practiced during my transition from software engineering to offensive security, including my notes from a variety of certifications (such as OSCP and OSWA), and cheat sheets I use on a day to day basis as I conduct penetration tests or vulnerability assessments.

The intention is to further expand this page and document new subjects as I gain more knowledge and experience in security areas.

As for the transition to the infosec, I've documented the whole journey on my personal blog - stop by and have a look.

Latest Blog Posts

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2023-01-16 - Mid-career Transition to Infosec 0x05

2023-01-12 - ADwalk: simple PowerShell script to enumate Active Directory

2022-12-20 - clif: simple command-line application fuzzer

2022-12-12 - nansi: simple tool for task automation

2022-09-01 - Mid-career Transition to Infosec 0x04

2022-08-10 - Mid-career Transition to Infosec 0x03

2022-04-27 - Mid-career Transition to Infosec 0x02

2022-03-10 - Mid-career Transition to Infosec 0x01